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Philosophy 103
29 September 2009
A Case for Clean-Needle Programs
In the article “A Case for Clean-Needle Programs”, authors Breat Whitterker and Dawn Day arguehow the clean-needle program could work in the San Diego County by saving hundreds of lives and hundreds of millions of health-care dollars.
The sterile needle program can save hundreds of drugusers by decreasing the number of people infected with HIV or AIDS. I think that a lot of people infected with HIV/AIDS are not infected due to sexual relationships without protection but thanks toinfected needles they used to inject drugs. The Clean-Needle program can put an end to this infection, as this article says “With sterile-needle programs that reach substantial numbers of drug users, wecan slow this horrible AIDS epidemic among injecting drug users in San Diego before it is widespread.”(Whitterker/Day). The article also says that the Clean-Needle program besides saving people lives;it would also save about 133 million dollars that their medical treatment will cost.
As Dr. Scott Holmberg of the Centers for Disease Control says in this article that he estimates that in the nextperiod of 12 months, over 100 drug injecting users in the San Diego area will become HIV positive because they do not have access at all to sterile needles.
An article posted in the New York Timesweb page it also says that the clean-needle can prevent a lot of people of getting HIV. It also says that there is a network of regulations among the United States making this program a criminal offenseto distribute syringes to injecting drug users, even though this program can prevent illness and death among drug users.
There is another article posted on a web page about some people who used theneedle exchange in UC Berkeley. It says that people knowing about the clean needle program will not reuse needles again and that without this program the number of people infected with HIV will be...
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