La importancia del ingles

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Today in our world its essential learn English. The language every day it’s using in almost of the areas like humans evolution and the jobs or anything else. I can say that its themost important language around the world the people shouldn’t think that it a luxury because it’s a necessity obviously if you want to get a job in almost of them you need it including in a Hotel or ina store in a touristy zone whatever the reason you have to learn English for your normal live. Around the world everyone is talking about it because some countries say if you don’t speak in English orknow the idiom you’re like a dumb or analphabet.

The first reason is because the English is a way to meet people of the other country and converse with them, the English has been converted inthe communication idiom global one of the more use in the world, it’s the official idiom or has a special status in 75 territories in all the world.

In some investigations found that near of 402million of people speak it like their first language, as is used for 1,000 millions of people aren’t natives and this numbers is going to be increment until 2015, year that around of 2,000 millions ofpeople will be speaking or learning the idiom that it’s the information that British Council give to know recently.

In other way thanks to the big advance of the technology in all the waysconstantly the enterprise or factories have their instructions for clean it or to use whatever function its in English.

Today if you want to be a professional or investigator you have to have access to thebest information in internet or specialties books but you’re going to find the information in English and if you don’t speak the idiom you won’t know the successful unless you decided really try tolearn everything investigating and searching but if you have the language is going to be easier, so the dominion it has converted in a necessity for everybody. Well definitively the idiom is each time...
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