La Infinita

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The poem La Infinita by Pablo Neruda is an example of free verse. Written in the 20th century the author uses a variety of metaphors and other literary devices to describe his obsession andappreciation for the female body. Because of his poetic license and no obvious form to his poem, a deep analysis of its structure brings about many metaphoric representations and . Very scarce in thebeginning but much more present during the final stanzas of the poem. Eg Lines 10 ‘se enrollan’, lines 11, ‘mi eres’, lines 12, ‘que el’ and lines 13, ‘y extensa’. This gives the poem rhythm that developsmore as you read on.
But before the reader can begin to appreciate this work of high art, the author uses a very popular form of device in both poetry and narration. He begins by calling attention tohis hands, a physical image and representation of his own masculinity. These are symbolic in presenting contrast to the obvious feminity of his descriptions. With an overall theme of love and desire,Neruda uses phrases like ‘twin doves’ and ‘in the light of your waist’ to bring about what is known as ‘imagery’ in the minds of his readers.
Other examples of his use of imagery is in the mentionof various colours, line 12 and 13 ‘blanca y azul’. The colours blue and white are symbolic of the colours of nature. Of a bright clear day, a pleasant day, therefore comparing the woman to the earthand even going so far as to suggest that she is more beautiful than the earth. Lines 11 to 14. “Para mi eres tesoro….. como la tierra en la vendimia.’

There is also a small example of rhymealthough no particular style of writing exists. In Lines 1 and 2 he brings rhyme and rhythm to his speech with the words ‘tierra’ y ‘guerra’. Also lines 3 and 4 the words ‘cereales and mares’ areexamples of rhyme. After that the poem takes on its own rhythm focusing on repetition and even ‘Encabalgamiento’. Not the beginning and ending of an exact line but more of the exact idea. Eg lines 5 to 6...
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