La mujer del juez english version

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La mujer del Juez
The judge's wife.
(Adapted from a story by Isabel Allende).

Nicolas Vidal always knew he would be killed by a woman. He predicted the day of his birth, but never imagined it would cause Casilda, the wife of Judge Hidalgo. The first saw the day she came to town to marry and did not find attractive. Transparent, looking shifty and thin fingers, he was inconsistent as ahandful of dust. Knowing well his fate, took care to women, limited to quick meetings to circumvent the loneliness. Observed the lady at the capital when it under the car on his wedding day and like all villagers, Vidal thought the bride would not withstand the weather, hobbies or bad mood of the bachelor of her husband. Judge Hidalgo twice her age and feared throughout the province severe temperament,able to punish with equal vigor the theft of a chicken than a homicide. However, failed to meet the dire omens and Casilda three babies survived and seemed happy. Similarly, all were surprised to see the influence on the judge, whose changes were remarkable, becoming much more benevolent and understanding. But none of that interest to Nicolas Vidal, because he was outside the law and was confidentthere would be no mercy for him when they could take shackled before the judge.
Vidal was born thirty years before the son of a prostitute, Juana La Triste. His mother tried to wrest the womb, but the creature was determined to survive. When the midwife noted that he had four nipples, guided by experience in such matters, predicted he would lose his life for a woman. Ten years after his face wasmarked by fights with knives and twenty was the leader of a band of desperate men. Each time you committed a felony, the guards went in search of hunting with dogs to return empty-handed. The truth is that they wanted to meet him because they could not fight him. No one dared to face them. The judge asked the government to send army troops to reinforce the police, but to no avail.
Only onceNicholas was about to fall into the traps of justice, but saved his inability to be moved. Judge Hidalgo prepared a trap for the bandits, unscrupulous, ignoring the defense and knowing that justice was about to commit a heinous act. The only bait he could think of was Juana La Triste. He pulled it out of the place where he worked scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets, put it in a cage and placed inthe center of the Plaza de Armas, no more comfort than a jug of water.
The rumor of such punishment reached the ears of Nicholas. Many years ago he had no contact with her, not kept a single pleasant memory of his childhood. No man can withstand such an insult, but showed no signs of haste. His men thought he was more ruthless than we ever imagined. But his only comment was: "We'll see who has moreballs, the judge or me."
The cries of Jeanne came through the shutters closed, gets caught in the corners, picking the dogs to howling and grinding repeat the nerves of those who listened. The common people marched through the square pitying the old lady, the prostitutes went on strike and the priest led a group of parishioners who appeared before the judge, but the judge withdrew into hisoffice and refused to hear them. Then the village notables attended Casilda. Once you are retired, came out with their children due to the square. He carried a basket with provisions and a pitcher of fresh water. The guards blocked the way, but then the children started screaming.
The Judge was in his office across the square and when she spotted the voices of his children knew he had reached thelimit of their endurance. He himself took the basket and jar Casilda hands and opened the jar to help his prisoner.
When Vidal found out what happened but remarked that the judge had shown to have less balls than him. The next day Juana La Triste lamp hung from the brothel, because she could not resist his only son to leave her in a cage in the center of the Plaza de Armas. Hidalgo's family went to...
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