La Sonrisa De La Mona Lisa

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Set in 1953, Mona Lisa Smile tells the story of Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), a new young art history professor at Wellesley College, an all-female campus with a prestigious reputation foracademic excellence. Unfortunately for free minded Katherine Watson, her teaching methods comes during a less-progressive time that finds most of her students more interested in finding a good husband thanachieving scholastic and intellectual growth. Watson challenges her students and the Wellesley faculty to think outside of the current mores of the community and redefine what it means to be asuccess.
The difference between the shool nowadays and the school from the 50´ is huge. In first place, there were special institutes for women and for men. Women and Men were though to have differentlevels of inteligence and of course the education they recieved was specific. Men were trained to be succesful in their future jobs and to take the lead in the family, the treat they recieved was rough andstrict while the only expectation that women had in life was to please their husbands and be a good mother. The most importat thing that the school taught them was how to be the perfect housewifes.They learnt such things as cooking and sewing.
These institution were men and women attend together are barely new. In fact there are still some religious schools were women and men are separated.These has to be with a conservative thought that these sort of establishments have. In fact these is another reason why men and women didn´t mixed. The society of the time was far more religious andconservatieve than now. They didn´t want men and women to be together because they were afraid of the impulses teenagers would have if they spent time with the opposite sex and that would mean adistraction in their studies.
Luckly times have changed and now men and women have the same posibilities in life, therefore, the education is equal for both sexes. Also nowadays society feels less...
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