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Originally Posted by VelvetRain
Come in out of the rain thou sayest
Come in out of the rain, you say
But thou ne'er step'st aside; and I am trapp'd
But you never step aside; and I am trappedA distance there is...
There is a distance....
None, save me and the bodkin
None, except me and the bodkin
Pitter-patter on the roof:
Pitter-patter on the roof
Behold! - 'tis not the rain;thence me it has to be
Look! - it's not the rain, so it has to be me
I will not drink thy vintage wine, my dear;
I will not drink your vintage wine, my dear
Thou hast heed'd that I am of innocence,You have considered that I am innocent
Yet thou let'st thy lass into peril
But you let your girl be in danger
Thou let'st me be parchéd;
You let me be parched
My heart is of frailty,
My heartis frail
My pale skin is huéd damask.
My pale skin is colored damask
When thou thy tears hast hidden, "Come back!", thou sayest
When you've hidden your tears, you say "Come back!"
There I soon amto be - but how am I to run
I will be there soon -- but how can I run
When my bones, my heart thou hast me bereaft
When you've taken away my bones, my heart
But run thou sayest; I run
But yousay run; I run
And there and then I behold that a time will come
And there and then I see that a time will come
When I again dead will be.
When I will be dead again.
Thou tell'st me to leavewithout delay
You tell me to leave without delay
I leave with my bodkin and my tears in my hands;
I leave with my bodkini and my tears in my hands
Lo! - the shadows, the sky - descending;
Lo! -- theshadows, the sky -- descending
So by a dint of smite I gait
So because of being hit, I walk
Ere I run and melt together with dusk.
Before I run and melt together with dusk.
Yon the reach of mymind I keep this event,
I keep this event beyond the reach of my mind
But it seems as if naught is to change anyway?!
But it seems like nothing will change anyway?!
After all these years thou left...
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