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FLIR T-Series

• 50 mK Thermal Sensitivity • Digital camera with lamp

(320 x 240 IR Resolution)

Infrared Camera with Fusion (PiP), Touch-Screen Display, and Interchangeable Lens• 3.5” Touch-Screen LCD Display • Text, voice, sketch and image marker annotations • Panorama support

• Laser pointer with automatic alignment • Thermal Fusion, Picture-in-Picture

MultifunctionTouch Screen

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Fusion

120° lens rotation

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FLIR T425 Features
• igh Resolution IR Images — 76,800 H pixels (320 x 240) Infrared resolution• igital Camera — with flash provides D sharp images regardless of lighting conditions • usion Picture-in-Picture (PiP) — F Displays thermal image superimposed over a digital image • ideTemperature Range — Measures W from -20°C to +1200°C targeting electrical and industrial applications • ± 2% Accuracy — Critical for condition monitoring of thermally sensitive targets • humbnailImage Gallery — Allows T quick search of stored images • otating Lens — Convenient rotating R lens detents up to 120° for easy viewing angle • i-Ion Rechargable Battery — L Replaceable batterylasts more than 4 hours of continuous use • aser Pointer — Pinpoints the hot L spot on the IR image with the real physical target • oice Comment Recording — on V images and can be integrated ontoreport I • nterchangeable Optics — Optional 6°, 15°, 45°, 90° lens, 2x and 4x easily attach to the camera body for greater versatility • tandard SD Card — Stores S more than 1000 Radiometric JPEGimages • Delta Temperature — automatic calculation of temperature difference between two measurement tools • Panorama — Supports the panorama function in FLIR BuildIR software • ncludes — SD MemoryCard, Li-Ion I rechargeable battery with 100-260V AC adaptor/charger, 2-bay battery charger, QuickReport software, USB Mini-B cable, video cable, sun shield, stylus pen & headset, camera lens cap,...
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