Las Drogas

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Alan García
( Alan García Perez; Lima, 1949) Peruvian Politician, president of Peru between 1985 and 1990, which the presidency returned to occupy between 2006 and 2011 after winning in theassemblies of 2006.
Son of Carlos García Ronceros and of García's Nitha Perez, did not know his father up to five years, due to the fact that this one had remained in prison for his militancy aprista. JoseMaria Eguren of Ravine studied in the Great School Unit.
It joined in 1965 the Catholic Pontificia Universidad, where he studied letters and right. In addition it graduated in the faculty of right ofthe National Major University of San Marcos. Later, at the beginning of the decade of 1970, he travelled to Paris and Madrid, to realize studies of posgrado in sociology and right respectively. Itreturned to Peru in 1977, and Federico Villareal undertook the educational activity in the University.
Alan García, who existed militado from his adolescence in movements linked to the aprismo, knew in1962, in a juvenile camp, Víctor Raúl Haya of the Tower, who would remain linked up to the death of the famous leader aprista. Alan García was climbing positions inside his party, happening fromnational secretary of organization (during Armando Villanueva's presidential campaign, in 1980) to secretary general, in 1982. In 1978 he was a secretary of the Constituent Congress, who presided At Hayeof the Tower; in 1980 he was elected a deputy.
Beside being a high representative of a new and brilliant generation of Peruvian politicians, García was possessing the added value of his investororatory. It was as well as, to an unusually early age for such a responsibility, was elected a candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 1985; he was 36 years at the time old.
On April 14 of thisyear it was imposed in the choices, with 52 per cent of the votes, and swore the presidential post on July 28. Alan García declared his intention of orientating the government for the attention of the...
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