Last Lecture

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Joseph Malave
October, 25, 2012
Quiz: The Last Lecture

1. Who is Randy Pouch?
Randy Pouch is the author of “The Last Lecture” he had cancer. He was married and had three kids. His wifename is Jai and his three kids are: Dylan, Logan and Chloe. He studied and worked at Carnie Mellon University. Where he dedicated much time of his adult life.

2. Why does he write “The Last Lecture’’?Randy Pouch writes “The Last Lecture’’ because he wanted his kids to remember him, because he knew that he was going to die because of cancer. He only wants for his kids to know something about hisdad and who he was as a person in life. At the same time he knew that the book wouldn’t replace the father’s love that he could give to his children.
3. How did Carnie Mellon name their lastlecture?
They renamed their series ‘Journeys’ by asking a group of professor s to offer reflections on their personal and professional journey.
4. Name at least three of Randy’s childhooddreams?
Some of Randy’s are: being in zero gravity, play in the NFL and write World Book Encyclopedia.

5. Did he or did he not accomplish all his dreams?
I think that Randyaccomplish all his dreams and the ones he didn’t accomplish, he still learn a important lesson in his life. For example he accomplish his dream on been on zero gravity, when he learned that NASA had a programwhich college students could submit proposals on the plane of zero gravity. With his dreams on playing on the NFL he didn’t actually reach that goal but had the chance of met coach Graham who was biginfluence on his life and learn so much from him.

6. Who was Randy’s hero?
Randy’s hero was his Dad for many reasons. He admired and saw his father has a example to lead.

7. Who isJeffery Zaslow?

Jeffery Zaslow was the men who help Randy write “The Last Lecture”. He helps randy during all the processes of narration and writing of all Randy’s life stories.

8. Explain some...
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