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GE 269: Global Current Events
Assignment: Team Presentation (in pairs)

Mark: 30%
Due: Staggered throughout the semester

Task: Select an article of interest from the “Business” or “Finance andEconomics” sections of The Economist magazine. You can review articles in any 2009 edition. The article must relate to an industry, product or issue, and have implications for Canada and theinternational community. Investigate the topic further by reviewing articles and editorials from sources other than The Economist. No two teams can select the same topic. Topics must be approved in advance(on a first come-first served basis) and must be selected on or before October 2. Please present Ms MacGray with two topic choices, a copy of the relevant article(s) and your preferred presentationdate.

Your presentation should provide information on the following:
▪ A brief description of the industry, product or issue under study (including history, scale and scope)
▪ An accountof the current challenges or opportunities.
▪ A detailed account of how market demand &/or political interest is changing in this industry/for this product/about this issue (in terms of bothgeographic and customer markets or interests)
▪ An explanation of the forces driving current changes
▪ A projection re. the outlook for this industry/product/issue and your opinion regardingwhich factors will contribute to the growth/demise of this industry/product in the future.

▪ Consult a variety of publications to collect your information, appropriately citing those used at the endof your presentation.

▪ Students are encouraged to consult resources that provide a variety of perspectives and opinions on the issue

▪ Research sources must include a non-internet-basedsource; a Canadian-based source, a non-North American source; and a personal interview.

▪ A print out of your slide presentation, with speaking notes and a reference page will be provided to Ms Wall...
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