Learning spanish: a key to success

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Irma M. Armaiz-Roldán
Professor Harris
English 1 (ENC 1101)
12 November 2010
Learning Spanish: A key to Success
In our society, many skills are often taken for granted. We do notappreciate our abilities enough to know how valuable they can be. Having the capability to perform CPR can eventually save a life someday; knowing how to deliver a baby could bring joy to a mother’s face; andknowing how to speak Spanish will benefit people throughout their lifetime. Learning Spanish can help individuals acquire better pay, be an aid for people who are not familiar with English, and createa chance to meet new people in the process.
“A different language is a different vision of life” (Federico Fellini). Spanish is not just a language; it is a ticket to success throughout yourcareer. Knowing Spanish does not just add another language to the book, but it improves a resume. Employers look for applicants with fluency in a foreign language because it can attract a broadercustomer base. If people know Spanish, they might be eligible to acquire a higher wage than the other employees because they are capable to assist those non-English speakers. In the healthcare field, forexample, learning another language is very important because employees are able to help the patients understand what their symptoms are as well as the steps they should follow in order to have a speedyrecovery.
Becoming a teacher, learning Spanish will provide with an essential tool that would help non-English speaker students. Let‘s take this scenario as an example: A new Hispanic boy isenrolled in a class but only speaks Spanish. If the teacher knows how to speak Spanish, she can help him understand the work he has to do. The teacher can also help him learn how to speak English sinceshe knows how to communicate with him. In fact, there are programs in today’s schools were students can meet their instructor in a one to one basis.
Spanish is useful in obtaining the sense...
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