Hard Way To Success

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A Hard Way To success
Doing something you love without any support can become really difficult. Jenny started loving sports since a very young age. As a kid she used to watch ESPN, SportsCenter but it wasn’t until a summer that she was invited to play in her cousins’ softball team in Texas that Jenny realized her love for sports. When she got back from that summer trip right away she toldher parents she wanted to join a softball team so they searched and searched but there were no softball teams in Honduras only male baseball teams; “I tried joining the baseball team and did a coupleof tryouts but it was really hard and difficult because they forgot I was a girl “said Jenny with a straight face. After that Jenny thought that maybe she should try another sport and that’s when shefound out she was really good at horseback riding. Jenny says that “For years I did horseback riding, I loved it was the world to me also my parents were really supportive at that times, until oneday I was at a competition and I realized there was something wrong with my saddle, seconds later I was down on the ground with a broken arm and it was the end of my years horseback riding”. Apparentlyher saddle slipped down and she got her elbow broken and had to run to emergency at the hospital and had surgery and had a long period of recovery and therapy; after that her parents didn’t let herhorseback ride anymore, “it was hard and frustrating for me” said Jenny.
Six months later Jenny couldn’t handle not doing some kind of sport so she decided she was still young enough to join theswimming and tennis team. However she had little success at both sports because she wasn’t able to attend all practices and competitions since her family was going through an economic crisis,eventually after two years after she had to quit both tennis and swimming team. Jenny saw herself in a frustrating situation she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to play sports anymore since besides the...
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