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USANA Clinical Research Bulletin USANA Health Sciences, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Dr. Ray Strand, Dr. Tim Wood, and Toni McKinnon RN, CCRP

Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome Through Lifestyle Changes
Combating Metabolic Syndrome
Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and other industrialized countries.1,2 However, recent research has shown that the disease ishighly preventable, and that lifestyle changes in diet and physical activity are effective in preventing this condition.3,4,5 These lifestyle changes are thought to be especially effective in people with metabolic syndrome, a prediabetic state that involves multiple symptoms, including overweight and central obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood lipids, elevated blood glucose, and elevatedblood pressure.6 For these reasons, USANA Health Sciences and Dr. Ray Strand, a family practice physician and an expert in nutritional medicine, conducted a clinical trial to determine whether a 12-week lifestyle modification program of low-glycemic foods, modest exercise, and nutritional supplementation could reverse symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Ray Strand Dr. Ray Strand is a graduate ofthe University of Colorado Medical School. He finished his post-graduate education at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California, and has been involved in private family practice for more than 30 years. Most recently, he has focused his practice on preventive and nutritional medicine. Dr. Strand has written several books, including his most recent, Releasing Fat, which presents information about theglycemic index and healthy lifestyle habits that can help the body release fat. He has lectured on the subjects of nutritional supplements, the glycemic index, and healthy lifestyles across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Trial Methods
This 12-week study recruited 25 people, aged 20 to 65, who were at risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Men who participated in the study had awaist measurement of 40 inches or more; women had a waist measurement of 34.5 inches or more. All participants also had two or more of the following symptoms: elevated blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, elevated fasting glucose, and low HDL cholesterol levels.

The first four weeks of the program consisted of the following:
Drinking a low-glycemic shake for both breakfast and lunch Eating onelow-glycemic nutrition bar for a snack Eating one regular, low-glycemic snack Eating a regular, low-glycemic dinner Taking a multivitamin-mineral supplement each day Exercising 20 to 30 minutes, five days per week

The final eight weeks of the program consisted of the following:
Drinking a low-glycemic shake for breakfast Eating one low-glycemic nutrition bar for a snack Eating a regular,low-glycemic lunch and dinner Eating one regular, low-glycemic snack Taking a multivitamin-mineral supplement each day Exercising at least 45 minutes a day, five days a week

Study Results
Twenty-one of the 25 participants closely followed the dietary and exercise requirements of the 12-week study. Nevertheless, all data is included in the following study results, which show the program had adramatic impact.

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On average, participants lost 13 pounds of body weight. Four subjects lost 25 pounds or more. Participants also saw significant declines in BMI and waist circumference. Even more impressive, however, were the changes to participants’ cardiovascular and metabolic health. On average, study participants achieved thefollowing results: • Systolic blood pressure dropped nearly 8 percent; diastolic blood pressure dropped 6 percent. • Total cholesterol levels dropped 15 percent.
Dr. Tim Wood Dr. Tim Wood is USANA’s executive vice president of research and development. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from Yale University and a Master of Business Administration in technology management from the Gore School of...
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