Tecnologias de informacion

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In the early 1970s, decision-suport system were the first applications designed to support decisión making. They were a contrast to transaction’procssing or operacional aplications, such as orderentry, inventory control, and payroll Systems.
Over the years, various decision-suport applications- executive information, online analytical processing (OLAP), and predictive analytics- have emergedand expanded the decision-suport domain. In the early 1990s, Howard Dressner, then an analista Business intelligence. BI is now widely used, especially in the World of practice, to descibe analyticapplications.
BI is currently the top-most priority of any chief information officers. In a survery of 1,400 CIOs, Gartner found that Bi projecs were the number one technology priority for 2007. Biprojects were the nuber one technology priority for 2007. BI has becomes a strategic initiative ans is now recognized by CIOs ans Business Readers as intrimental in driving Business effectivess andinnovatios, according to the compay´s research vice president, Andreas Bitterer.

As figure 1 show, Bi is a process that onluides two primary activities: getting data in and getting data out.DATA WAREHOUSING
Getting data in, traditionally referred to as data warehousing, involves moving data from a set of sorce Systems into an integrated data Warehouse. The source system typicallyrepresent heterogeneous technical platforms and data structures. Sources can reside within the organization, be supplied by an external date provider, or come from a Business parner.
A date Warehouseteam extracts data from the source system and transform it so that it is meaningful for decision support. For example, records and consolidated base don a customer indification number, ora ll currencyfields can be converted intro dellars. Sometimos the Warehouse team creates new fields Turing data transformation, such as time period total sor customer value scores.
Gettig data in is the most...
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