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I would certainly use them. Leeches are proven to be little miracle workers to people around the world for centuries. It has been documented that about 15 different leeches are used for medicine use.Their saliva has components that exert a reaction in the human body as any drug therapy would. It is actually more specialized than drugs because leeches are placed in the area that will be treated,reducing excessive bleeding to other tissues or organs. The most common use for leeches is to inhibit coagulation. People that are to endure a reconstructive plastic surgery for example arerecommended to use leech therapy to assist in the circulatory improvement by aiding the veins constrict and go to the normal size for regular. Leeches will do the same job the veins do; carry out blood outsidethe tissue, taking all the waste out and allow new oxygenated blood to come into the tissue. Other uses for leeches are: anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, vasodilator, local anesthetic, and enzymereaction. There are many diseases that are currently being treated with leeches such as: inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, arthritis, muscle tension, thrombosis, and embolisms.
Many people are againstleech treatment because they fear that they can get an infection or disease that the leech could carry. Medicinal leeches are created in labs and after their use they are killed to prevent anyairborne virus or bacteria to be spread to the leech and then human.
In regards to the blood transfusion, patients need to be educated on the different reactions and possible infections that can bepresented after or during the transfusion. As cases are reported, the FDA is constantly improving the process and guidelines on blood donation. Depending on the situation of the patient, blood transfusionsare almost required when patients suffer certain types of liver malfunction (i.e. dialysis). The liver cannot carry the normal process and blood cannot be eliminated normally. Situations like this...
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