Legalizacion De La Marihuana

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Marijuana Legalization
I think Marijuana should be legal because it can be used as a treatment for many different diseases and health issues. Legalizing Marijuana will make it easier for thepatients to receive the drug and it will make it easier for scientist to study the drug further to confirm the drugs medicinal purposes. Marijuana is not a lethal drug and is safer than alcohol. It isestablished scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; marijuana overdoses are nearly impossible, and marijuana is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. It is unfair and unjust totreat marijuana users more harshly under the law than the users of alcohol or tobacco. Legalizing it would it be a viable solution to the chaos that breaks out in Puerto Rico? Possibly, yes it would endthe war on drugs and decrease the problem of drug violence. "Legalize marijuana even consider it less dangerous than legal drugs, and decriminalize users of other substances providing treatmentinstead. Besides reducing the buyer's market and the PPT would focus police resources on apprehending drug traffickers.” "We must begin to asphyxiate drug trafficking," Bernabe said.
Pros of marijuanalegalization
* Ending the illegal market and reducing corruption and violence.
* The government now controls the market and establishes rules and regulations for the activity.
* Thegovernment would receive the taxes generated by the legal sale of drugs.
* They reduce crimes and crimes committed by the control of markets.
* Medical treatment to addicts would have the same socialcharacter of today have the alcohol addicts.
* The government and the whole society will have more leeway to boost prevention and education campaigns to combat consumption.
* The governmenttracks the sellers and their accounts and investments.
Medical Benefits
* Fights migraines
* Slow down the growth of tumors
* Relieves symptoms of chronic diseases
* Helps prevent...
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