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In three months and a day your homes will plague you
Your paychecks will haunt you
And your love life will own you
This is it
We'll expect the cost (we'll expect the cost)
.. ..
Spring does not exist, neither does Jesus
To whom inquires first
While you sit their praying hard to a god that doesn't exist
As your head follows down
It's in your mouthForty years, into nights
Child this will end your life
Forty years, of your life
.. ..
A bad taste
A terrible sense of smell
Fool yourself
For the books your children bleed for
.. ..
Were going to throw the burning bodies
Down the wishing well.....
.. ..
During a raping
You can't get back your pennies
During a raping you can't hold yourself on trial
.. ..
All we are, are fittermen
Cast us as violent
All we know can't hold us back
Beautiful children with wreck less hands
Will doubt them...


I remember business
Before it gets too deep enough
I remember when your walls you walk close
In bitterness, constraint onward
In bitterness, game on...

Look what you've done
You've gone to play the man again
Look what you've got
A mindless workload
A tasteless dog
Morning wood
A stabing end and your alone...

I love your..
Nice surprise
You'll get it one day for yourself
A nice surprise...

We bow our heads
Over and over and over again
Off with her head
When will it end?
I'll be seeing your fucking faces soon
Sooner then you know
Night falls to the grace of what we know
Praise all the pretty girls
We'll bidealone
Of what we know
By and by
To the grace of what we know
Needles spin to the drop of flow.


You'll wait it out..
..Force is not the same..
..i bought ya..
..This world will explode..
..Into numb, one deal owned.....

Pray for your sons & your daughters
You didn't refuse
We'll the first one, weak arms
Right or wrong(right or wrong)
First offwe'll dance when we dance
The last one we fault, the first one we kill...(the last one we fault, the first one we kill...)

Forsee her
Thats what we've done with your head
Your beging for papa
We're safer but
We wash our hands in death
End Me
When we fall...

He'll go, feel it grow
We may not be the ones
Feel it go, feel like we know
We move around
We'll pay
We protest
We'll pawn offwar
We protest...

We all hit the floor
Right or wrong
Youre such a fool
Ignorance at it's best
We are at war
Ignorance isn't bliss
We are lied to you suckers
This is not a joke
In the end
All suffer
For what we've done
We all suffer...


My Departure from this place was just as hard spoken
Shade of blue
As throwing a fishback into dark waters
I remember how it felt
To concur other peoples minds and thoughts
Looking over heated shoulders
To see melting patterns as faces
That is when nothing mattered
.. ..
When I get to where I am going
I'll thin it out for you
Paint over the memories
Every last fucking one of you
.. ..
Sit so still now
.. ..
Hold your neck gracefully
Tearing like achild
A skyscraper about to fall
Collapsing, challenging the feeling of deathÂ...
.. ..
Bruised of what you're all afraid of
The feeling of death
This prince he's cold
Cold and Blue
Like the 80's early 90's
..Long Island.. summers will end at the very fall of you
Sit still at the sight of the loop
That no one will ever knowÂ...

Letra De You Ain't No Family

I am running faster.Faster than you can believe.
My skin becomes less thicker.

You think you could just,
Grow into something new.
I think there's something you should know.
I think there's something you should know.
Staring into a wall.
I think there's something you should know.
I didn't pay to become this way.
My head throbs,
Til it bursts.

There is something inviting.
About staring into a wall....
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