Letter Of Intentions

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L.O.I - Letter of Intention for Aircraft Sale
The Offer to Purchase from XXX Aviations for aircraft: YY-YYY, on the following terms and conditions:
This LETTER OF INTENT serves to confirm variousdiscussion discussions held over the last few weeks via email and phone calls; and records the understanding reached for the purchase of the above mentioned aircraft from ZZZ – its assignee ("Seller")and XXX – ("Buyer"), in respect of the purchase of one (1) aircraft model_________ registration YY –YYY, as well as all equipment, ground equipment, spares (if there are any), stands, engines stands,records, documents and maintenance overhaul/manuals (for the "Aircraft") subject to the principal commercial terms as set forth below.
AIRCRAFT: Type Model ________
Aircraft Serial Number: ______Engines Model: ________
ESN: _______ and ESN: ______
INSPECTION: Buyer's technical inspection of the Aircraft, its records and other relevant documentation will beperformed by Buyer at ____________________ International Airport – ZZZ technical facilities on or before the dd mm yy. Buyer is responsible for satisfying themselves as to the condition of theaircraft using the aircraft records provided by ZZZ.
DELIVERY DATE: _______________________, or any other date mutually agreed between the parties;
DELIVERY CONDITION: As is Where Is - together willall the relevant documents pertaining to the said aircraft; proof of ownership for the Aircraft from the Civil Aviation and Registration Authority and all the necessary transfer documentation to XXXAviation must be provided.
On the Delivery Date the Aircraft and all its documentation will be delivered to Buyer at the Delivery Location in an "As Is, Where Is" condition as all the manuals anddocuments such as maintenance and overhaul manuals, etc. The Aircraft shall be free from liens and encumbrances and accompanied by all available Aircraft records, as well as the proof of ownership. The...
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