Letter Of Complain

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Dear Mr. Des Tructor,

Today I had taken my time to write this letter addressed to you with the purpose of communicating my complains about your sweet resort. What you have created throughout thisyears, and you believe is the best fount of income, is just a clear example of the unconsciousness of people in terms of environmental awareness. There is so much evidence of my accusations thatshould not even doubt for a second that I am wrong. For the minute I entered into your huge inferno I started to notice some misfortunes I wish I didn’t see. And those were the first reasons that motivateme to present a simple letter letting you know what people think about your resort.

I am outraged at the way you organize your garbage. Let me notice the huge litter louts all over the resort whichat first sight look horrible, damaging the image of the resort, as well as your image. But your publicity isn’t the only thing that is damage with this trash problem; the air is just another victimof your tiny slip. As you might know a huge pile of putrefied staff isn’t good influence to the air we breathe, slowly the putrid molecules will invade the air causing your resort to become one of theodorous places on earth. But solving this problem isn’t the hardest thing, I believe that with an investment on a great collection of trash cans you can reduce the litter louts. Also it wouldn’t bebad if you invest a little more to get recycling bans in order to contribute at second hand with the environment survival, and take your precious resort out of the eyes of the environment organizations.Another thing that infuriated me was the way your workers were treated. As I could notice they got a lot of work to do in your place, in addition the time they work is not rewarded with extra timebonuses. They work overtime and very hard to be paid just the minimum which I believe is not only unfair, but unmoral. So my advice to you is to create a department involving a representative of...
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