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"How Urban Legends Work"
In essay entitled "How Urban Legends Work" by author Tom Harris, we can find a definition for the urban legend concept, its meaning, the different ways in whichis spread, and its use in society.

The author has titled it as a modern fictional stories being used around the world, and, when often false, many of them have been based in actual events.Each tale changes according its transcendence in time, and each version are adapted or modified to fit the environment in which are related; these are places, things, names, surroundings, even somedetails are included to represent current time. Usually, urban legends are characterized for including aspects of horror, warning or morality with a hint of humor in order to be accepted bypublic.
The article show us, that those stories have been relayed to our hands as a legacy from person to person, and we accepted them with a quote of credibility when these come through a knownperson, which could be a close friend or a friend's friend, however, no ceasing in being fake. Therefore, we can see that, human being nature creates the need to trust in people in their pursuit ofcomfort.
Another way of spreading the urban legends displayed in our essay is the mentioned use of technology. We talk exactly on internet and e-mail. Our writer refers it as modern versions oftraditional folklore that evolves with the time; those which we take, and pass them each other easily clicking on the forward option, sending them to all persons in our contact list, without verify atleast from who this come out.
I must recognize the Tom Harris essay has showed us that urban legends have an enormous impact in society and cultures, and somehow, each of us has beenbeneficiaries or victims of them.

How Urban Legends Work - Tom Harris
College Reading and Writing 2007 By Jane L. McGrath, Kathleen T. McWhorter and Brenda D. Smith
Chapter 11 Pag.515-519
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