Leyes interactivas de un negocio

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1.It is forbidden to discriminate against a person because of their ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, etc.. Also prohibited slavery toward Mexicans. Everyone without exception, enjoy human rights established by the Constitution
2. The Constitution also holds the rights to the indigenous. They have the right to have a person who represents and defends the knowledge of theirlanguage and culture.
3. Everyone has the right to education of preschool, elementary, and upper middle these are required and completely free.
4. It says here that men and women are equal before the law. Everyone has the right to nutrition, issued and guaranteed by the state, also access to the water for any use, personal or household.
5. No one shall be compelled to give their jobs withoutthe consent of that person. No person shall be hindered in the dedication to the profession of industry, trade or job that suits you, it is lawful.
7. Is inviolable freedom to write and publish on any subject. No authority can not censor or restrict the freedom of the press of the authors and printers.
8. PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES respect the exercise of the right of petition.
9. Unable tostifle peaceful assembly of something that is lawful. Nor is it illegal to make an assembly that aims to make a protest against any act of authority.
10. The people have a right to own guns at home for self-defense only, except those prohibited by federal law.
11. The person has the right to leave and enter Mexican territory without having any security or passport card.
12. IN THE UNITED MEXICANSTATES not be granted titles of nobility and hereditary honors or prerogatives.
13. No one can be tried by private laws or by special courts.
14. No one can be banned from freedom or its possessions or rights, but through some trial.
15. Not authorized the holding of political prisoners or to order common criminals.
16. No one may be molested in his person, family, home, etc.., Having theright to access, cancellation protection and personal information.
17. We can not pursue justice for ourselves or through violence to demand our rights. We have the right to administer justice to us by a court.
21. The crime investigation is authorized only by prosecutors and police.
22. Prohibited the death sentences of mutilation, brands, whips, sticks, excessive fines and any other that istranscendental.
23. No one can be tried twice for the same offense.
24. All men and women have the right to believe in whatever religion they want. Religious acts are performed in the temples or churches established by the State
25. The state is the appropriate and responsible for establishing, coordinating, conducting and guiding national economic activity.
26. The State shall plan a system ofdemocracy that has strength, dynamism and fairness.
28. In Mexico, are prohibited monopolies and monopolistic practices.
29. Associated with invasion or disturbance of the public peace, the president of Mexico, suspend the rights and guarantees of a certain place.
30. Mexican nationality is acquired by birth or by naturalization.
31. The Mexican is obliged to have their children attend schooland enlisting in the National Guard.
32. No foreigner is allowed to serve the federal army or be in the police. Only allow those who are naturalized Mexicans.
33. Foreigners are prohibited from interfering in political affairs.
34. You're a Mexican citizen if you are 18 years old and have a honest living.
35. It is our right as citizens to vote in popular elections.
36. It is the obligation,register the cadastre of the township, enlist in the National Guard and vote in federal elections.
37. No Mexican by birth, shall be deprived of his nationality
38. The rights are suspended when: not met the requirements of Article 36, when there is a crime or a criminal record in his profile.
39. The village has national sovereignty for their own benefit. The people at all times can change or...
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