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“Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy. “

Name: Evelyn López Ibarra
Teacher: Gabriel Urrutia


Vidas Paralelas
* Lincoln fue elegido Presidente en 1860.
* Kennedy fue elegido Presidente en 1960.
* ("Abraham Lincoln fue elegido congresista en 1847. Un siglo exacto después, cien años después, Kennedy es elegido")
* Ambos estuvieron particularmentecomprometidos con los derechos civiles.
* Ambos presidentes fueron asesinados un viernes.
* Ambos presidentes fueron disparados en la cabeza.
* Andrew Johnson, quien sucedió a Lincoln, nació en 1808.
* Lyndon Johnson, quien sucedió a Kennedy, nació en 1908.
* John Wilkes Booth, quien asesinó a Lincoln, nació en 1839.
* Lee Harvey Oswald, quien asesinó a Kennedy, nació en 1939.
*Lincoln fue disparado en un teatro llamado "Ford".
* Kennedy fue disparado mientras se desplazaba en un coche llamado "Lincoln".
* Abraham Lincoln nació en 1809 y murió en 1865
John Fitzgerald Kennedy nació en 1917 y murió en 1963

Parallel lives
• Abraham Lincoln was elected for the Congress in 1846.
• John F. Kennedy was elected for the Congress in 1946.
• Lincoln waselected President in 1860.
• Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
• Both were particularly compromised with the civil law.
• The wives of both lost a son while they lived in the White House.
• Both presidents were murdered a Friday.
• Both presidents were shot in the head.
• The secretary of Lincoln was called Kennedy.
• The secretary of Kennedy was called Lincoln.
• Both they weremurdered by born men in the South.
• Both were happened by each men southern calls the two Johnson.
• Andrew Johnson, who happened to Lincoln, was born in 1808.
• Lyndon Johnson, who happened to Kennedy, was born in 1908.
• John Wilkes Booth, who murdered to Lincoln, was born in 1839.
• It Reads Harvey Oswald, who murdered to Kennedy, was born in 1939.
• Both murderers are acquaintances bytheir complete composed names.
• Both names you are composed of 15 letters.
• Lincoln was shot in a called theater "Ford".
• Kennedy was shot while displaced itself in a called car "Lincoln".
• Booth fled the theater and was captured in a store.
• Oswald fled a store and was captured in a theater.
• Boothh and Oswald were murdered before being courts. And here this the grace:
• Aweek before being murdered Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland.
• A week before being murdered Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe.

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln - (1809 -1865) 16vo American President Abraham Lincoln was born a February 12, 1809 in a cabin of trunks in Hardin County (today Larue County), Kentucky. It was elevated of its humble origins and with less than one year of formal educationbecame the 16vo President of the United States, and one of the largest men of the American history. It is accredited to Lincoln the to save the Union of the disintegration and to eliminate the slavery in North America. Lincoln was elected President in November 6, 1860. He directed to the United States during the largest crisis of the nation, the civil War (1861-1865). He was a magisterialpolitician, directing through the persuasion and the humor. The end of the war was in sight March 4, 1865, when Lincoln swore its second term as the President. In its inaugural speech pressed a compassionate processing for the rebellious states defeated. Upon beginning its second period worked tirelessly for the fast reconstruction of the nation destroyed by the war. In the afternoon of April 14,1865, Lincoln was murdered while attended a theatrical function in the Theater Ford of Washington, DC. It was the first American President murdered. Thousands of sufrientes were aligned next to the ways while the funeral train transferred it from Washington toward its final rest in Springfield, Illinois. The publishing one Horace Greeley said of Lincoln: "Slowly it won its road toward the...
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