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Focus on Financial Development:

The innovation about my work has been to create the best environment between the client and me, alwaysgiving the best answers I can give, no matter the frustration level the situation can reach.

Global Competitiveness:
I am sure I have a globalcompetitiveness level able to understand any situation and able to find the best solution possible, the actions to achieve this solutions is to have a reach communicationwith the client, repeat this information so the client will know there is a understanding

Areas in need of Improvement:
When interacting with the client Ican perceive I need to improve my English language skills, as well more technical language, my efficiency can improve by doing things faster without losing anyquality of my service.

Areas of Interest / Development:
One of the interests I have is to reach a 100% efficiency meeting. One of my potentials is toachieve every goal I set in my list, so every time I face an issue I take time to find solutions and next time I face the same I will be able to answer without anydelay and make a better productivity level.

Strengths / Personal Development:
One of my strengths that distinguish me from the other is the capability tohandle types of frustration levels, so I don’t raise my voice and make the situation even less comfortable.

One of the commitments is to have theability to work in a team, and make the best communication possible creating the best environment possible and adding some from my side to reach this state.
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