Liechtenstein (ingles)

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Did you know that Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country of Europe? His area is from 160km2. 1.3 times the area of Disney World. That the currency in this country is the Swissfranc? His population is of 35000, the official language is the German and about 80% of the people in this country are catholic? They are a lot of thing that you don’t know about this country.
LocationHis full name is Principality of Liechtenstein. It’s located in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria (they are only two “doubly landlocked" countries in the world). Its area is 160 km² (1.3times the area of Disney World). The country from the south to the north is about 24 km (0.57 times length of a marathon race). The highest point is Grauspitz with 2,599 m. The terrain is mountainous inalmost all its extension. It’s divided in 11 communes called Gemeinden.
The Flag and the Coat of Arms

The Liechtensteiner is so distributed: between 0-14 years: 18.0%, between 15-64years: 71.2%and with 65 years or more: 10.8%. 85% of its population is Germanic. The predominant religion is the Catholics. About 80% are Catholics. And they are no illiterates in the country. Theexpectative of live goes up to the 80 years. The density is from 221/km2. The nationality is Liechtensteiner.
The Liechtenstein soccer teams play in the Swiss football leagues. Another of thesports that Liechtensteiners can excel is in the Winter Sports because it is an Alpine country. One of these sports is the downhill skiing.
Security and defense
The police in Liechtenstein areresponsible for keep the order in the country. It’s conformed by 85 field officers and 33 civilian staff. Each officer is armed. The country has a low crime rate. It doesn´t have any kind of army and followsa neutrality policy.
Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy. The actual prince is Hans-Adam II. The parliament in Liechtenstein is the Landtag, it’s conformed by 25 representants....
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