Life before the internet versus life after the internet

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Today the Internet is so universal that it is affecting our way of communicating, gaining access to information, and researching. Cantoni L & Tardini Stefano (2006) refer to internet as,” one of the newest and most powerful communication technologies.” We must learn and discover how to maximize the utility of the Internet in our daily routine. As students, we are progressively usingmore accesses to the internet for personal and professional purposes. It is necessary to have guidance to properly search the internet for information, or we will consume a lot of time which can be very frustrating. Using email and the web is a growing routine that leads to achieve better and faster communication between professors, as well as students. Today the availability of high quality ofinformation on the Net is less expensive than it used to be, it is faster, and comes from remote places. This paper includes basic information on life before the internet versus after the internet.

Life before the Internet versus after the Internet
The traditional means of communication like the radio, newspaper articles, and television are suffering dramatic changes in the dominatingera of information over the internet. News over the internet is interesting and actually very popular. There is no doubt, there is a before and after in regards to the internet when it comes to information. One thing that stands in my mind is blogs. With the amount of information and the speed of the internet-- it is amazing. Before you had to wait for the newspaper to be informed of what ishappening. Now I can be informed of what is happening in the world anytime. Also, the variety and accessibility of the information is incredible.
The news plays an important role in life. People’s opinions many times are swayed by newspaper articles that are transmitted through the radio and television. Radio and television were a common use in everyone’s home prior to the internet. The radio andtelevision revolutionized the way information is transmitted, but until now we only could access information through a frequency or dial (Radio) or cable, satellite or systems on the ground. The popular information still heard and seen today are sports, business, politics, and anything that would awe the public. This is the kind of entertainment that led the radio and television to achieve itssuccess. Let’s remember that radio needed 38 years before it reached its 50 million listeners, and the television was right behind after 13 years to reach the same numbers (
Today, blogs are very popular all over the world. It is basically a topic that is written by a person or community that is interested in discussing it among other people. Thetopic is limitless in range (Gardner Susannah & Birley Shane, 2008, Chapter 1.) It can be hobbies, how to raise a child, or simply how to make a vegetarian pizza. A blogger before the high-speed internet had to be informed of a topic by reading. I am going to set foot in a blogger’s shoes of the past. I arrive at my office where all the publications arrived for the day. I come across the twentythat interest me. I read each single magazine, or better, just read half of a page. I go to the Barnes and Nobles in which I buy my three local diaries, 17 diaries are from another country, 10 magazines on the latest technology, 3 magazines on photography, 2 magazines on theater, 4 on videogames, and finally one for cooking. I start reading with a scissor in my hand. I separate the notes and articlesthat interest me most in which I will respond to them. This will permit me to read more about the separated article and buy more of the reading material. I will stop and place my feet out of the blogger of the past. A blogger of the past certainly had to have more time on their hands then today.
With the access of the internet we can have the same connection of the radio and television. There...
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