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I'm spending these holiday days on the lake Garda, in one of the most relaxing places to me, the bed&breakfast Torre Degli Ulivi, where I go when I have a chance. I had alreadyshown you this place last July, and I have to say It was touching to see Matilda running like a crazy in the lake for her first time, I have so many wonderful memories relatedto this location. This is a magical place, also the photos shot here have a different taste.
These are the first ones we shot here, on Saturday just before heading to dinner.And trust me, there still are many more for you to see :)
And what about you? Where did you spend these holiday days?
Happy Easter to all of you guys :)
Here is the firstoutfit with my Birkin, with some photos shot last Friday... I wanted to create a comfort and casual look, in which the bag was the true main character.
I've wanted this bag foryears and after I've asked informations in the Milan and Paris stores I understood that the waiting lists really exists, then in Paris during the fashion week I met in personEmilie, another blogger I was following, who owned 3 Birkin bags (among them also my favourite one: orange with golden hardware) and she decided to sell one of these, that shewasn't using a lot for the colour. And that's how I got my first Birkin :)
And you know what's funny? The first Hermes bracelet I bought, from last year, is of the same colour, doyou remember it?
Have a great day with the people you love, I'm doing the same and It's such a big joy :)

Buona Pasqua a tutti voi innanzitutto :)
Ecco il primo outfitinsieme alla Birkin, con alcune foto scattate tra una corsa e l'altra lo scorso venerdi... Ho voluto creare un look semplice e comodo, in cui la borsa fosse la vera protagonista.
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