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Electronic Sources
The information in this section is based on the most recent APA guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2009. There aresignificant changes from the 5th edition in the handling of electronic references. Citing the final version. While the Internet has made the dissemination of information faster and more widespread, it has alsointroduced the possibility of greater confusion. One opportunity for confusion is that more than one version of a work may exist at the same time, such as an advance online version and a finalpublished version. The most reliable one is the archival version or version of record that has been peer-reviewed and may contain links to supplemental material online. But it is not always easy to determinewhich version is the most current or authoritative. General form for entries. Reference list entries for electronic sources are the same in most respects as for print sources, but they also includeinformation needed to locate the source online. This information is placed at the end of the entry in the retrieval statement. The retrieval statement includes the month, day, and year that youaccessed the source, and the electronic address (URL, database name, or Digital Object Identifier [DOI]). Example of a retrieval statement: Retrieved from Youdon’t need to give all of this information for every type of publication. Do not give a retrieval date unless the material might be changed or updated, as with Wikis, blog entries, etc. If a retrieval dateis needed, put it before the URL, as in the following example: Retrieved February 3, 2009, from Use “Available from” instead of “Retrieved from” if the URLleads to a website where you can obtain the information rather than to the information itself. DOI. Because the make-up and location of Internet content is unstable, the APA-preferred way of...
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