Looking After Old People

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Looking After Old People
Looking after old people should be the responsibility of the family – Debate

This a controversial debate that involves both, social and culturalopinions. In other words, this problem and its solution, are not always looking to give the patient, or the elder, the best treatment or the healthiest alternative, but rather the
mostsocially correct alternative.
this decision is made based on the culture, moral values and rules that each society presents, so before any debate can take place. I think is importantto consider what the goals are, and not what the rules are.
One should consider the mental and physical health of the individual, before anything else. As a consequence, we shouldremember that the winers and losers of this debate are not us but the elders.
I believe that weather or not an old person lives at home or at an institutions should be a deceptionbased on the health of the patient. for instance, most of the time family members do not have the training to support a healthy life style for the elders at home. this could result onvery serious complications, and a deteriorating health. In the other hand, at an institution, the patient will always get the most appropriate treatment by professionals whoscientifically an in theory could be able elongate his life, as well as providing a healthier life style that is appropriate for their age.
This is where on has to question what is mostimportant. The pure health status or the happiness of the patient. Many times they go together and its proven that a happier person is also a healthier one.
In conclusion, I think wehave to forget about us, our personal and social rules. Instead, we should concentrate on what will allow the elders to live not only a long and healthy life but also a happy one.
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