Los 10 problemas mas graves de mexico

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The 10 biggest problems in Mexico

1. Corruption: Government officials who steal or do not do their job, the rulers who get the tax money instead ofspending on public works and projects to improve the country. Such actions do not allow the country to progress as it should.

2. Drug trafficking: Peopleliving in the production and sale of drugs, as well as those who work for them. This type of illegal business generates a variety of problems for the people:violence, corruption, addiction, etc..

3. Violence: All acts of violence that occur both as crimes such as robberies, assaults, murders and kidnappings. Thecontinuing violence in the country concerned makes our living lives, always alert and afraid of being victims of a crime.

4. Poverty: A large number of thepopulation carries a very low standard of living economically speaking, are struggling to pay for clothing, housing and services, sometimes lack the moneyfor food and medicine.

5. Pollution: Gradually the environment in the country deteriorates, we face great problems and the government does little if notnothing to address them. Examples of these problems are: smog, urban trash, chemicals that pollute the water, waste from factories, destruction of naturalareas.

6. Illiteracy: Even today there is a considerable part of the population is unable to read and write. Such constraints greatly reduces theopportunities for people to excel, a man who can not read or write hardly get a job that does not consist of physical work: Masonry, carpenter, painter, charger, etc..
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