Los Azttecas

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Monica: Hi friends!
Edgar: Hi what did you do last night Adrian?
Adrian: Hi Monica and Edgar. Well, I went to my girlfriend Ana to buy something for play American football.Eheka: Really, I need a helmet because I will play on Saturday
Adrian: Monica Have you ever gone to tezontle park?
Monica: Yes I have I went to see a film with my parents, it’s very bigEheka: Yes park tezontle is as big as plaza Aragon
Edgar: perhaps but plaza Aragon is older than Tezontle park
Adrian: Yes it’s true and there are more shops
Eheka: Yes Me now but, wheredid you buy your helmet?
Adrian: Oh yes sorry I forget it; well have you ever seen the Dicass shop?
Eheka: No I haven´t, but is in tezontle park
Edgar: Yes I know where is it? , I wentone time with Monica.
Monica: Yes is a small shop beside the cinema
Adrian: In this store only sell things of American football
Eheka: I don´t know I have never been I this shop
Edgar:Well if you want, I can go with you to the shop?
Eheka: yes I want but when?
Edgar: on Saturday
Eheka: Ok, but how much are helmets? Adrian
Adrian: Between $5000 and $7000
Monica:The helmets are very expensive; the shoulders are cheaper than helmets.
Adrian: yes, but if you want play American football you must buy it
Eheka: is true.
Monica: Sorry but my motherjust call me I have to go
Edgar: Go no is a problem. I go to the coffee shop, would you like a coffee?
Eheka: No thanks. I have just had one
Edgar: And you Adrian?
Adrian: no thanks, Idon´t like the coffee from here. The best coffee in the world is from startbucks
Edgar: You are rich but I am poor. Well, good bye.
Adrian: Have you finished your homework yet?
Eheka:no, no yet. I haven´t finished yet.
Adrian: That is bad. I finished the last Sunday.
Eheka: Well, I´m going to do my homework today so I leave you
Adrian: Ok see you tomorrow
Eheka: Bye
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