Love Songs

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When rock bands turn their attention to matters of the heart, they make songs that come in many shapes and sizes. Some tunes celebrate romance, while others mourn the loss of true love.With that in mind, here are the best love songs in contemporary rock, picking hits that have stood the test of time.

"Snuff" - Slipknot

This song off All Hope Is Gone reveals a vulnerabilityyou rarely hear in a Slipknot song, as Taylor sings twisted lyrics about a love affair that seems doomed thanks to his own self-loathing and her inability to cope with his failings. "Snuff" sure isn'tromantic, but it feels very, very real.

"Sweet Child o' Mine " - Guns N' Roses

A love song that speaks of hope and despair, is a strikingly beautiful ode to the innocence of childhood. Thismixture of love and innocence then juxtaposed with a Slash guitar solo.

"Nothing Else Matters“ - Metallica

James Hetfield risked its credibility to invent his first love song, and the results weresurprising unabashedly romantic a song to find your soul mate. "I never opened this way," he admits, he argued that such sincerity felt good.

"House of Cards"- Radiohead

One would not expect alove song from Thom Yorke, as appropriate, that most disturbing tale of romance Radiohead, is a twisted story about two people trapped in unhappy marriages who are crazy about each other.

"With orWithout You" – U2

U2 has always been one of the most romantic rock bands, but was never more beautiful than in this track from The Joshua Tree. This song begins with silence, pain guitar notesbefore ascending to a lovely agony marked by Bono, who laments.

"My heart Will go on" – Celine Dion

This is the best known song of Celine Dion, a beautiful song, which is better known because itwas part of the soundtrack of the movie Titanic.

"This aint a love song“ – Bon Jovi

It is a song by hard rock band Bon Jovi, included on disc These Days. Talk about a lost love, which never...
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