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Elaine Holmes – Ben Godfrey – Gene Gilbert Endorsed by La Prensa Hispana

Maricela Garcia
La Prensa Hispana

The editorial board of La Prensa Hispana Newspaper, a division ofCalifornia Hispanic Media, Inc. has evaluated the Indio City Council candidates running on the November 2nd ballot and has made their endorsements. More races to follow next Friday.

INDIO CITY COUNCILMuch thought and consideration was given to this election. Having offices in Indio brings us close to the action with a direct view of accomplishments and needed changes. Having been a part of the IndioFinance Committee whereby every department was scrutinized and expenditures evaluated has given us a unique front view seat on policies, implementation and personalities.
The existing councilmembers running for re-election are all good people with the best of intentions for the City of Indio. I have not found one I did not personally like. In this regard, Indio has been a winner. As in everyorganization, there are those who bring a wide assortment of capabilities and more time/resources to effectively deal with the everyday problems affecting our city.
Out of the six running for officethere are three that stand out as the best choices based on where we are and where we would like to go.
There are two candidates who do not fit into the Indio dynamics for the following reasons.
MikeWilson has been stating publically he was “robbed of the City Mayor position” during rotation. It is incumbent on us to recall. Mr. Wilson had a pending lawsuit against the City of Indio, inclusive ofother individuals named. It is ludicrous to believe Wilson could have successfully served the city under those circumstances. For not recognizing this dilemma he was embroiled in, Wilson hasdemonstrated a lack of judgment and would be viewed as more of an instigator than ...

a problem solver.
Sam Torres, is a new comer to the city of Indio. He may bring a different perspective but his...
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