Major priorities

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Major Priorities
Every person has their goals but not everyone can reach their goal without help. A few years back, my parents opened a family business and asked my siblings and me to help them manage the store because they could not take care of all of them. Personally, I believe I should help support my family. However because of my decision, I dismissed my priorities. I want to make sure topursue a career that has nothing to do with business. It was going to be tough because it was going to be a long term career that needs to much dedication. This is where my moral dilemma begins because in every thought I want to help my family, but I also want to pursue my education. This, however, has proven to be a struggle because I cannot be in both places at the same time, much less focus onschool or manage the store at the same time. Although I want to help my parents by managing the store, I believe my education is far more important and I will have to make a difficult decision to resign.
The first few years everything was going all right, but then it was difficult because I was on my last year of high school before the whole thing happens. My mother was putting too much pressureon me and one of the reasons was that I had to be at the store right after school because there was no one to help us; she did not see how I was struggling by managing my time. Since that time everything got worst because I was done with high school but I had begun a new stage on my life, going to college. Everything was changing, the store was getting bigger and we did not have enough personalstaff, by the time I got to college my school schedule was not coincide with work hours; I could not be able to go to the store for the reason that I had to pay attention and enough time for my school education . It was hard for my family too because they had to make business trips and they did not have someone capable of doing the procedure of closing the store, so when my family had to go I wasthe one in charge, I had to open and close the business. I had a difficult time managing myself because it was not easy, roughly I had time for me and it was frustrating. The only thing that I had in my mind was our business because my family depends on the business. The business is what gives us food and a place to live, but I had also to think about my future, my career.
The dilemma that I haveis that I only want to focus on my career and leave business at a side; it is difficult to make a decision because honestly I want to be part of my parent’s goal of making our business grow. I did try to do my best on managing my time so I could be able to help my parents but at the same time be able to have enough attention and time for my studies. My parents wanted me to start managing anotherstore in Mexico, I had to postpone my plans and my career. I tried to explain them that I did not want to be a bad daughter, but it was my turn to decide and fight for what it was more important in my life. My father got angry with my decision and told me that he was not going to pay for my nursing career because he wanted me to go into business. But then I realize that I have to think about myfuture because my parents already did theirs aims and now it is time for me to do mines. It might be kind of selfish, but business is not what I wanted for me. After all he decided to support my decision because he knew how much this meant to me.
My parents made time to talk to my siblings and I about what was happening at the time. This situation was affecting not only myself but all my familymembers. My father remembered about what happened to him when he was young. His parents did the same thing to him by not supporting his dream. He had to work hard to accomplish his dream by himself without any support of his family. My parents didn’t realized that I was going to go for a different direction while deciding on my career because all my siblings studied for business. It was a hard...
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