Manipulation in 1984

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Psychological manipulation is a technique used by an individual or a group of people to manage others minds or behaviors.
This may be positive or negative. Depending on the finalpurpose, it may benefit someone when he is being persuaded of something that is happening or may be harmless when it force someone to act against its principles or targets.Bibliography
Psychological Manipulation. Psychological manipulation- An overview


They tried to convince the people about believing in contradictory ideas such as the slogans government show.Even the ministries names are contradictory to their functions. They try to avoid the opposition against their government, so they create the newspeak because they realize that thelanguage is the way in which a person can express his/her ideas and thoughts.

Lying or denial is changing the truth and managing the information. Lying andomission refers to when someone tells the truth but hides information that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU   WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH doesn’t benefithim/her. Intimidation is the way in which they make people feel afraid and obey. Blaming is making the other person to feel SPY KIDS TELESCREEN
“The war wasn’t happening (...) just need tokeep people frightened”
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Telescreens are the responsible to control the behavior of all the individuals that are part of the society. They know that everywhere they gothay are being observed. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! They manipulate the past so that people follow and understand the rules.


he/she is the guilty by playing the victim role.

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