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Altivar 28 Telemecanique
Variateurs de vitesse pour moteurs asynchrones, Variable speed controllers for asynchronous motors, Frequenzumrichter für Drehstrom-Asynchronmotoren, Variadores de velocidad para motores asíncronos.

Altivar 28

Variateur de vitesse pour moteurs asynchrones

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Speedcontroller for asynchronous motors

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Umrichter für Drehstrom-Asynchronmotoren

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Variador de velocidad para motores asíncronos

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IT NEUTRAL POINT CONNECTION : In the event of use on a 3-phase network with a voltage greater than 460V ±10 % with an isolated or high-impedance system (IT), the internal EMC filtercapacitors which are connected to ground must be disconnected. Consult Schneider product support who are the only people qualified to perform this operation. When the speed controller is powered up, the power components and some of the control components are connected to the line supply. It is extremely dangerous to touch them. The speed controller cover must be kept closed. In general, thespeed controller power supply must be disconnected before any operation on either the electrical or mechanical parts of the installation or machine. After the ALTIVAR has been switched off and the red LED has gone out, wait for 10 minutes before working on the equipment. This is the time required for the capacitors to discharge. The motor can be stopped during operation by inhibiting startcommands or the speed reference while the speed controller remains powered up. If personnel safety requires prevention of sudden restarts, this electronic locking system is not sufficient : fit a device to remove the power circuit. The speed controller is fitted with safety devices which, in the event of a fault, can shut down the speed controller and consequently the motor. The motor itselfmay be stopped by a mechanical blockage. Finally, voltage variations, especially line supply failures, can also cause shutdowns. If the cause of the shutdown disappears, there is a risk of restarting which may endanger certain machines or installations, especially those which must conform to safety regulations.


In this case the user must take precautions against the possibilityof restarts, in particular by using a low speed detector to cut off power to the speed controller if the motor performs an unprogrammed shutdown.
The products and equipment described in this document may be changed or modified at any time, either from a technical point of view or in the way they are operated. Their description can in no way be considered contractual. This speed controllermust be installed and set up in accordance with IEC international standards and with national standards. Bringing the device into conformity is the responsibility of the systems integrator who must observe the European Union directives, especially the EMC directive. The specifications contained in this document must be applied in order to comply with the essential requirements of the EMCdirective. The Altivar 28 must be considered as a component : it is neither a machine nor a device ready for use in accordance with European directives (machinery directive and electromagnetic compatibility directive). It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the machine meets these standards.


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