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Atoms are tiny pieces of matter. They are too small to see even under a microscope.

The smallest piece of matter you can see under a microscope, hasten billion atoms.

There are three kinds of particles in atoms. They are protons, neutrons and electrons. All electrons are exactly the same. All protons are a like too. So are allneutrons.

Different kinds of atoms are different from each other because they contain a different number of particles.

A carbon atom has six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. Oxygenhas eight protons, eight neutrons and eight electrons.
Carbon atom. Oxygen atom

Protons andneutrons are in the center or nucleus of the atom. Electrons are much smaller that protons and neutrons.

The particles that are in atoms have different electric changes.Electrons a negative electric change. Protons have a positive electric charge. Neutrons have no electric change.

An element is matter that is made of only one kind of atom.All the atoms of an element are exactly the same. Gold is an element. All the atoms in a bar of gold are the same

Oxygen is also an element. Everyoxygen atoms are very different from gold atoms.

The grains are all alike, you can separate sand anyway you like, but it is still sand. Even a single grain of sand is still sand.

Every element isdifferent from all other elements. Only oxygen atoms have eight of each particle. Every other element has different number.

Most elements are found in nature. Iron is an element that is foundinside the earth.

Gold is also an element that is found on earth. Jewelry is often made of gold.

Some matter is made of more than one element, the air you breathe is oxygen, nitrogen and other...
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