Mas Que Ser.

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“What’s your name” by Alberto Valest.
Searching in my mind for "one of those things" or some experience in which I, or another member of my family, have experienced discrimination or any member ofmy family has been disrespected in a Racist way I realized that in my childhood have been very few such events.
I know that discrimination is international and there are several types ofdiscrimination not only because of your skin color even in my country is more common to find examples of discrimination being a woman than being African American. And come to my mind a couple of situations thatalthough were funny at the time I did not know if it was because of my age or my thinking at that age but I understand time after.
One of these, the funniest was in 1991 not remember which month; acousin of my father was in Bogota the capital city of our country. He was there to attend an appointment to get the American visa.
The last six months he was preparing for this interview as his parentswere here in America and what he wanted most was to live with them; I do not know how the process in other countries is but in my country at that time was very difficult to get the visa like lotteryalmost. At that time, off course now it is much easier if you have the money to cover expenses.
Either way he was ready, arrived an hour before the time, new clothes, nice haircut, and all thedocuments that he needed everything was set.
He was sixth in line. When an officer came out of the embassy and told them to pass. My dad's cousin was excited "I live with my parents" and thought whisperedas he passed security checks at the end of a hallway were the interview booths differentiated by numbers, he headed for the number 8 his interview was there. By the other side of the armored glass hecould see a man of about 68, white hair, military haircut, some wrinkles but in great shape. Who asked him your documents please?
My dad's cousin gave him the documents. In that point everything...
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