Matrimonio indu trabajo en ingles

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Marriage rituals in India

Macarena Gutiérrez
Sofía Cárdenas
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An indian Redding incluyes and simbolize many rituals , traditions ,party andcelebration and incorpores many small customs that have been inherit from generation to generation . It is one of the oldest of the indian culture.
The hindu culture is the one that dominates in theindia. The elements of the ceremony has been established for more than fourty centuries in the old hindu scripts and its name is vedas .Not only is a metting of a men and a women , but also it of thefamily.


On the morning of the wedding day, Pithi or Haldi, the cleansing ceremony is practiced during which the bride and bridegroom are pasted with turmeric powder in theirrespective homes, as a part of their beautification process. Talking about the actual marriage ceremonies, the Hindu wedding mostly takes place in a mandap or a tent, which is beautifully decorated withflowers. The main Hindu wedding ceremony is a long and elaborate affair, which lasts for several hours and is attended by a large number of relatives, friends, acquaintances and so on. Three days needs thebride to be ready. Her sisters, aunts and cousins paint her hands and her feet with intricate ornaments of henna. It painting means love, prosperity, happiness, fertility and the protect from evilspirits.
sweetmeats, eggs and money are part on the weeding in India, symbolize a sweet life, fertility and prosterty respectively. The hindu weeding is full of ancient rituals to ward off evil spirits.usually the fiance wears a turban over his head and the bride tradicionally wear red or pink "saris", adorning extravaganty with many jewels as it is posible.   
The marriages of minors (before 21years) are prohibited in India. Since 2006 there is a law that prevents marriages between children or very young.

A Hindu wedding not only involves the bride and groom but the entire community,...
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