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Title: The Music of Dolphins

Author: Karen Hesse

Illustrator: none

The Theme: A girl named Mila was rescued from a plane crash by dolphins by a long time then some doctors took her a taughther to speak, to write, and other things too.

The Setting: The Sea and the place where the doctors took care of Mila.

The Plot: This story is about a girl named Mila. She was somehow rescued bya dolphin herd and was raised by dolphins for a long time. Doctors found her and taught her how to speak, how to write, how to play music, and how to converse with other people. She once went out atnight and went to a lake to swim, she could not breathe. The government didn’t want anything to happen to her so they made Doctor Beck, one of the doctors that helped Mila, lock the doors so shecouldn’t get out again. Justin was a nice kid to Mila she always thought of how he was. He was Doctor Beck’s son. Doctor Troy also helped, but he also helped another girl named Shay. Shay did not makeprogress like Mila. Sandy was also helping Mila to learn new things, once she had to go away for a short time because her father died. Mila was given a recorder to make music. Mr. Arandondo was the man whocleaned all the floors in the house. At first he was scared of Mila but then he sat in her room and talked with her. He once brought her cake. Mila always wanted to learn new songs to show them toDoctor Beck. Shay had to go. She wasn’t going to be with the doctors anymore she went with a family who loved her and will take care of her. Justin told Mila that Doctor Beck only wanted her so Dr. Beckcould learn dolphin language. Mila wanted to be at sea with her dolphin family. She didn’t want to be with the doctors anymore she wanted to go home. Doctor Beck did as she was told and took her tothe sea so there she went and stayed with her dolphin family.

Characters: Mila, Dr. Beck, Justin, Dr. Troy, Shay, Sandy, and Mr. Arandondo.

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