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The High Scope approach was developed in the United States by David Weikart in the 1960's. Based on the work of Piaget about the principles of child development.
What is theHigh/Scope educational approach?
High/Scope is an “active learning”. High/Scope also is called “life school” because here children have direct interactions and experiences their environment, with thethings, objects and people around them.
The components of an active learning.
Manipulation because children interact with their environment, choice because children have to make choices anddecisions about what they want to do, language from the children because children use the language when they make choices, and of course they need the support from the adults.
Principles of High/Scope
1The most important in High/Scope is that children make choices in this way 2 they construct their own knowledge through interactions and experiences with the world and the people around them. 3Teachers and parents offer physical, emotional, and intellectual support.
Children always take the first step in the learning process through making choices, plans and decisions.
What are the High/Scopegoals for children?
-To learn through interactions with their environment.
-To become independent, responsible, and confident.
-To learn to plan their own activities, carry out them, reflect ontheir decisions and talk with others about what they have done and what they have learned;
-To gain knowledge and skills in important academic, social, and physical areas.
These are some picturesabout some activities that children do in High/Scope, as you see children learn playing, in a unconsciously way they are been prepared and thought to face real and future situations, this approachpromotes very much the autonomy in children.
What do teachers and other adults do in a High/Scope program?
-Teachers interact with children, they provide materials and plan activities based on the...
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