Metodos quimicos y fisicos de separacion

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Hi Selena :)
I hope you remember me, i win the contest of your perfume and travel to Ny Im Valeria the girl who lives in Mexico. I wanted to send you this letter because I felt i need to tell youhow much I appreciate everything you do for us "your fans" and to wish you the best birthday of the world.
Surely this letter will arrive days before or after your birthday.
I have no words todescribe the admiration I have for you is huge! From your beginnings and I admired you! from barney hahaha i could say.
To me you are my role model because you're too strong you always recive muchcriticism and hate, it makes you admirable because not only is a person are many. But surely you thought that I have no reason and sometimes you give up before this and I know, it happened to you but youALWAYS get up and move on :) so I admire you as you have no idea.
The day I knew you'd give a concert in Mexico, I became really crazy ,i was in total shock when the tickets went on solvent I went tocamp one day before outside the Palacio de los deportes to have 2 tickets, it was an ugly weather that day but worth it! ei wasnt so close to you: i was in the row 42 But a lady gave me 2 tickets in the3 row and all this happened in my favorite song "Middle Of Nowhere"When I saw you to close my eyes filled with tears and I started to cry and sing with emotion I could not believe how close i was ofyou , But it got better when I received the winning mail the truth at first take it as a joke and i wasnt too excited I thought it was joking! When I boarded the plane my extreme excitement began:)But nothing compared to when i see you a 1 centimeter: 3 I was so excited I forget that my ipod i had written a speech for you LOL
That day was one of the best of my life :) Thanks for that beautifulday!
Now that you know all that I want to tell you I'm proud of you as you not only featured actress and singer as well as a person soon you will have 20 years and I can not believe the time spent...
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