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Metroid: Zero Mission Cheat List: NES Metroid
When playing the original NES Metroid, enter the following codes at the password screen to unlock the effects.
* Best ending with no suit: X-------N?WO dV-Gm9 W01GMI
* Hard Mode: 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK
* Infinite missiles and health with all upgrades: NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000* Start with Morph Ball and Bombs: 000000 000000 4G0000 00000H
* Suitless Samus: JUSTIN BAILEY / ------ ------
* Start with Suitless Samus: 000000 000020 000000 000020
* Start onNorfair with Suitless Samus and infinite missles. No item upgrades except missles: SAMUS8 RIDLEY 444444 444444
* Start at Kraid's Lair with the Long Beam, Ice Beam, Bombs, High Jump Boots, ScrewAttack, Varia, Suitless Samus, and 255 Missles: JUSTIN BAILEY ~~~~~~
* Start in Tourian, with Mother Brain defeated: Samus_ Beats_/Mother Brain_ (_=space)
Metroid: Zero Mission Unlockable: EndingImage Galleries
These image galleries are available in the options menu.
* Metroid Fusion Ending Images: Link Metroid: Zero Mission with Metroid Fusion via a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.* Metroid: Zero Mission Ending Images: Complete Zero Mission to unlock one ending image. Run through the game eight times to fill the gallery with all eight ending pictures.
Metroid: Zero MissionUnlockable: Original NES Metroid Game
Complete one run through Metroid: Zero Mission.
Metroid: Zero Mission Unlockable: All Zero Mission Endings
To open up the various game endings fulfill theserequirements.
* Samus in shorts, at a bar: Complete the game in under two hours on Normal with 100%.
* Samus in shorts, in a city: Complete the game in over two hours on Normal or Hard with100%.
* Samus on a rock: Complete the game on Easy, or complete the game in over four hours in Normal or Hard with more than 15%.
* Samus in a blue jumpsuit: Complete the game in under two...
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