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Mi Carrera Profesional
Actualmente me encuentro estudiando Licenciado en ciencias computacionales por qué fue toda una historia para llegar a donde estoy primero, empezó todo desde la primaria donde mi mayor atención se enfocaba en las computadoras sin tener algún conocimiento alguna de ellas me fascinaba intentar entender su funcionamiento, después en la secundaria seafirmó mi gusto por las Tecnologías de Información o conocidas normalmente en TI gracias al taller de computación donde aprendí lo básico de la computación, en la preparatoria mi último escalón, aprendí muchas cosas y fue cuando decidí con la ayuda de un familiar mío, guio mi decisión la cual fue entrar en esta carrera.
La carrera al inicio la verdad no sabía ni en que podía trabajar ni en quepodía desarrollarme, pero con el tiempo fui avanzarme y aprendiendo que las tecnologías de la información tienen infinidad de ramas aunque y infinidad de beneficios, en este ensayo me enfocarme mas sobre dos ramas en las que puedo especializarme, para muchos las más importantes en las Tecnologías de información que son: Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones.

why does soil erosion happen?
There areseveral reasons and each one connects to the next
1.- the population in most Third world countries grows every year
2.- Farmers cut down more and more tress to get extra land for food crops.( Ethiopia, for example, has lost 90% of its forests since 1900)
And then
3 they grow as much food as possible. (In the past, farmers were able to grow crops, then leave a field for several years. Thisgave the soil a chance to recover. In the past 20 years that hasn´t been possible. Why? Because of the need to grow more and more food.)
4 they star to use the same land too often
5 The soil becomes thin, dry and weak. Then, after a few years, rain and wind erode it.
6 the farmers aren´t able to grow as much food as before
7 people become hungry.
It´s the same story almosteverywhere in the Third Word. More people – fewer trees-greater use of land – thinner soil-erosion –famine.
In other words, erosion costs lives. It also means that the world’s deserts are growing all the time.
Hope for the future
Q. is a possible to stop soil erosion?
A. not completely, but a very simple idea is helping some people in a small West African country to make the problem lessserious.
Here’s how:
The magic stones
In Burkina Faso, lines of stones are stopping erosion. It’s a quick, cheap and easy way to save soil and grow more food. What happens is this. The farmers put lines of stones around their fields. They do this before the rains. Then when the rain comes, it doesn’t wash the soil…

We all need clean, fresh water. Without it, we die in three days.But in many parts of the Third World, clean water is rare. Instead, people have to drink dirty water. Then they become ill. Then they can’t afford to buy food.
Like soil erosion, the water problem often ends in death. Here are the facts.
1. Over 2 billion people don’t have clean water.
2. 80% of the world’s diseases come from dirty water.
3. Nearly 30,000 people die every day from diseaseslike this.
4. 50% of the people in hospitals are there because of ´dirty water´ diseases.
5. Everyone in Britain uses an average of 125 litres of water every day. This is where it goes. Drinking/ cooking-35%. Toilet-32%. Bath-17%. Washing-12%.Garden/Washing clothes- 3%. Dishes-1%.
6. A water- Testing kit cost 15. One of these can test the water in a river or well and male sure it´s clean. Awater pump costs 138. One of these can raise safe, clean water for a whole village.
Hope for the future
In the past it was and expensive to dig deep wells. Today it´s much cheaper and easier. Now, Thanks to wells like these, more and more villages have clean water. And that´s not all. Deep wells mean that a village can have safe water all year – not just when it rains. Projects to build more and...
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