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Mexico a city full of culture and diversity
With our large and beautiful landscapes broken by the violence and suffering,
Why does a beautiful country have to endure the self-destruction?Drugs and extortion, all we can do is pray
Corruption drive us, the government control us
Why are the people blind?
Now I understand they do not want to see, while they are giving the power to themNow people are afraid to go out
The territory for which we fight is now divided into two
“Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Death to bad government! ” words that our people scream when they werepressed by others
We have nothing left of that!
For now the drugs and kidnappings have scared us
The fears keep us inside; never leave us, because our country is now ranked as one of the mostdangerous
The drug war continues, but why are innocent people dying
In Michoacán, Morelos, México City, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Morelia, Guadalajara and many others where crossfire does not stop, everyday innocent people disappear without explanation
Since when children not have a childhood? With 10 years you are old enough to be hit man, to kill, sell drugs, where innocent have gone?
People giveup to the drugs, by necessity, but what need would we have if only everyone would realize how much we have
Now I´m off to see my country fall apart and fall into the ashes of violence to see howpeople are afraid to celebrate because they do not know what might happen
Seeing as they destroy cities with crime and discrimination, why give that impression to the world about us? Why not show us as weare? A country full of culture
But what I can do if fear controls me, there will be a day that this is over, that day where, everyone says enough! Stop the violence! That we can go out safely,without fear of being assaulted, abducted, discriminated and show the world that we are much more than they think, are much more.
We are a country full of culture and history; why not teach that to the...
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