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To start a session
You can start a session in Microsoft Word in different ways, depending on how Office 2010 is configured in the computer.
There are 2 procedures to start a session inWord:
1. Click on the START button.
2. Select All programs
3. Select Microsoft Office
4. Click on Microsoft Office Word 2010
* Desktop
1. Double click to theshortcut icon that is in the desktop
The main elements of the word screen are:
1. Quick Access Toolbar: Is the area where you can personalize the most used command buttons in Word. You can add orremove command buttons clicking on the arrow of the right side and selecting in the dialog box the buttons that you want to add or remove, also to determine the location of the Toolbar, up or belowthe ribbon
2. Title bar: In this bar it is shown the name of the file and the name of the application, besides the control buttons of Minimize, Maximize/Minimize size and Close
3. File Menu:This menu shows the backstage view, with all you can do with a document as: Save, Save as, Open, Close, Information, Recent, New, Print, Save and Send, Help, Operations and Exit
4. Ribbon: Itreceives this name because it has the appearance of a “ribbon” which you can unroll placing the mouse on the zone and scrolling the mouse; the most used tabs are: Home, Insert and Page layout
5. Ruler:In this section you can observe the length or the size of the tabulators, margins of the sheet and indents of the text.
6. Status Bar: In this bar it is observed the operations performed in thedocument: The page where it is the cursor of a total of pages, the number of words, the used dictionary, the different view buttons, the level and the slide button of the Zoom

The procedure to createa new document is:
1. Open the File Menu
2. Click on the option New
3. In the section Available temples, select Blank Document
4. Click on the button Crete
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