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*** A Special Message from Jay Noblezada *** Hello! Jay Noblezada here, and I wanted to start off by saying THANKS.
I’ve worked really hard to gather a group of people that are interested in

real magic like Mind Eraser, and it’s great to be around you! You’re about to lean one of the coolest secrets ever! I know when I first saw Joe Brogie perform Mind EraserI was very skeptical. But after he shared with me his methods, I was not only a believer, I went out and tried it right away. Success! So if you’ve followed my work in the past, you know I’m only about effects that make an impact on me first. Only after I see the power of a routine first do share it with my close friends and students. Now I should address safety at this point, but I assume that bycontinuing to read this manuscript, and listening to the audio course, that you understand that Hypnosis is only dangerous in the wrong hands. I’m also assuming that you have done your own research on the history, safety, and benefits of hypnosis. If you haven’t done so, go to www.jeditrainer.net and begin your hypnosis journey.
Mind Eraser uses psychology, biology and a clever secret, alongwith many other safe, and natural methods to achieve this spectacular effect. You are required to study the materials in this training program, just like you would any other instructional tool. Your focus and attention will define your personal level of success with Mind Eraser. Joe Brogie, Noblezada, and all affiliated parties with Mind Eraser are not responsible for your actions and hypnosispractices. We are merely offering you an idea to try for yourself. It’s worked for us and now it’s your turn!

So, enough from me! Take it away Joe! Have Fun, Jay Noblezada

MIND ERASER Before we get started…
Think for a second about a time you were driving home in your
car. You are driving the same route that you have driven about

a thousand times. You may have the radio on or perhaps yourjust listening to the sound of the road. Pretty peaceful… You start thinking about what you’re going to eat today for supper. I hope chicken…you think to yourself. I like chicken. Last week I had some really good fried chicken at my friend Dave’s house….OH MAN that was good…Is it supposed to rain tomorrow?


Before you know it, you’re turning into your familiar driveway. You park, take thekeys out of the ignition and you ask yourself….”how much do I remember driving home just now?” “Was I even paying attention to the road? “How did I even make it home?”

Your subconscious mind took over…kinda scary huh? Mind Eraser exploits the super suggestible people and lets us use their mind as personal chalkboard.

Why does it work?
Mind Eraser and other waking hypnosis techniques workswhen we are at heightened states of suggestibility. Our mind can take in suggestions even when we are not in a complete hypnotic trance. It’s our goal as hypnotists to utilize this heightened state of suggestibility. Question: When are we at heightened states of suggestibility? Answer: Usually at states of mundane or preoccupied activity. A classic example is when people are watching TV. A funexperiment I like to do is the following: Yawn very loudly and obviously and watch to see how long it takes for the yawn to

spread across the room. TRY IT! The yawn doesn’t come from people being tired but because of your suggestion of yawning. So how can we do waking hypnosis whenever we want? At parties or at a bar, people are busy having conversations, dancing or just having fun. This meansthey are NOT at heightened states of suggestibility because their brains are very active! This is the reason for doing a suggestibility test. The suggestibility test weeds out the un‐suggestible from the super suggestible. After all, it’s the supper suggestible people that make GREAT subjects for effects like Mind Eraser. The Heat Test The heat test is a very bold test to do in comparison to a...
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