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Aysha Y. Zenon Rivera

The drinking age should be lowered to 18
The appropriate age for drinking has always been a huge polemic. There’s abunch of people that approve this and other ones that disapprove it. Im being searching for information about alcohol and I didn’t find a single thing that says that it’s a necessity for the humanbody, totally the opposite. But a big reality in life is that people usually trend to need unnecessary things. My philosophy of life it’s that everything in excess affect, that’s why Im against tolowered the drinking age to 18.

Being a teenager it’s not an easy thing for everybody and stops being it to. I think as a teenager that most people of my age doesn’t no how to handle emotions and the 18years period it’s full of changes. Usually people it’s getting into collage start working and with this come the responsibility, its not a secret that people of 18 and lowered ages have access toalcohol, even when its illegal to do it. In the website appears a list of common countries and the age status for drinking. A curios fact that this side point is that in USA your big toenlist to the army at the age of 18 but not to drink , its says that most people use this fact to be in favor of lowering the age for drinking. In countries like Italy, France, Portugal they can drink fromthe age of 16 . For the other side in places like Central and South America as in canada they can drinkin at the age of 18. The place that I found with the higest age recuerment for drink was...
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