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Enrique Fco. Mtz. Treviño
Title: My life influenced by my society.
For introduction I will said that I ‘am learning many from why my culture is important for me and how the societyalmost always influence my life, I think that this course is making me learn that my culture depends on where I live and with the pass of the time my culture will be changing.Well to relate this themes with my life I can start telling that my society influence me a lot of the things that I do,so I can said that I have my culture from my society, look in my city many people is talking about of the insecurity it makes that all the community start feeling fear so for that I start feelingfear, I go to is that the community influences what I think. Well but not only the society influence me my family is other thing that can change my thinking and is who give me all my culture, for examplemy religion, my family inculcate me that I a catholic so I born being catholic or another example al my family talks in Spanish so I talk in the Spanish, but there is a conflict in my family becauseI’m not the same religious as my mother or my grandmother so they are thinking that I’m losing the culture of my family, the thing is that I think different than my mother so they don’t think that I willcontinue the culture in the next generations of my family. Next one I ‘m going to talk about thechapter seven, in that I think that I was a product of my genes and at the same time of my environment, why, because firstly my genes define my behavior and my character because I ‘m an awful person so Ithink that my genes make me be like that. But at the other way I think that I was a product of my society because it marks my way I will think, I think that all the society has similar thinking, for...
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