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Figure 2. Extending a Layer 2 service using Cisco IOS MPLS Bandwidth-Assured Layer 2 Services


ü ATMoMPLS (AAL5) ü ATMoMPLS (AAL5) ü ATMoMPLS Cell Relay ü ATMoMPLS Cell Relay üATMoMPLS Cell Packing ü ATMoMPLS Cell Packing ü DiffServ -Aware TE ü DiffServ -Aware TE ü FRR Bandwidth Protection ü FRR Bandwidth Protection ü Tunnel Selection ü Tunnel Selection ü MPLS QoS ü MPLS QoSATM


Low latency TE LSP with reserved BW and FRR BW Protection TE LSP with reserved BW Backup TE LSP for BW Protection VBR-rt Traffic VBR-nrt Traffic UBR Traffic

The introduction ofEthernet to the portfolio of Layer 2 services offered by a service provider is another scenario where Cisco IOS MPLS Bandwidth-Assured Layer 2 Services have great applicability. In this case, thehigh-speed Ethernet service is expected to support the proper internetworking functionality with a large installed base of sites relying on traditional Frame Relay service. At the same time, the high-speedEthernet service is expected to offer a multi-class SLA with strong point-to-point guarantees between multiple destinations. The combination of Cisco MPLS TE FRR, bandwidth protection, and QoS makespossible strong and elaborate guarantees that can be met even during failure conditions on the MPLS network. This solution allows the service provider to provide highly flexible and cost-effectiveservices that meet the requirements of data, voice, and video applications.

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Figure 3. Integrating Frame Relay and Ethernet Services using Cisco IOS MPLS Bandwidth-Assured Layer 2 Services

ü EoMPLS ü EoMPLS ü FRoMPLS ü FRoMPLS ü MPLSTE ü MPLS TE ü Layer-2 Interworking ü Layer-2 Interworking ü MPLS QoS ü MPLS QoS



Frame Relay



TE LSP with reserved BW Frame Relay PVC Ethernet VLAN...
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