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Plot-survivor Mubarak brought down by his people
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Mubarak finally divorces his presidential chairCAIRO - He survived 10 attempts on his life, and at 82 his health was a subject of speculation. But in the end, it was his people who brought down Egypt's modern-day pharaoh.

Pulling off asecond surprise in as many days, President Hosni Mubarak on Friday stepped down and handed over power to the army from whose ranks he emerged, his deputy Omar Suleiman announced on television.

LateThursday when he had been expected to quit, Mubarak said in a televised speech he would stay on until September, to the fury of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators waiting to celebrate in centralCairo.

The party was delayed for one day, in an emotional roller-coaster for the mostly youthful demonstrators.

Until the outbreak of anti-government protests on January 25, Mubarak seemedinsurmountable as president of the most populous nation in the Arab world.

His rise to power came unexpectedly, when his predecessor Anwar Sadat -- who made history by signing a peace deal with Israel --was gunned down by Islamist militants on October 6, 1981 during a military parade in Cairo.

He took office a week after the assassination, and since then he ruled without interruption under adraconian emergency law that remains in force.

Islamic fundamentalist groups -- including Al-Jihad, Gamaa Islamiyya and Talaeh al-Fatah -- were responsible for most of the attempts on Mubarak's life onboth Egyptian and foreign soil.

The first direct attempt to kill him came in 1993, a year after Islamists launched a campaign of violence aimed at toppling the secular Egyptian government, when a bidto fire rockets at his plush Cairo residence was foiled.

Later murder attempts involved a variety of schemes, including a plot to car-bomb the presidential motorcade in Cairo.

In 1995,...
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